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Hello world!

Dear Reader

I’d like to say welcome, congratulations or even well done on navigating the web to the extent you found this blog, because from my point of view the World Wide Web, is daunting and remarkable place, more complex than a cheesecake recipe.  For those reasons I’m unsure of   how high a level of professionalism I’ll put into this blog as I’m a internet virgin of sorts. But, after the extra-ordinarily disappointing holiday to bogan’s (sorry), I meant; Bateman’s bay, that I shared with my family, it was evident that the world needed candid and dependable reviews. Not endorsed to be complimentary, or derogatory of the competition, just the point-blank facts, of practicality of anything I suppose in relation to everyday life. These candid reviews not be just of holiday destinations, because those of mine are few and far between. I’ll review literature, film, life experience, products and even social fads.

Now, I’m well aware that everyone of these review facilities is offered in numerous places, web and elsewhere, but not with the perspective of a paying consumer.  Throughout my internet education I hope to attain a level of complexity of thought when discussing products (and other) that reaches beyond cynicism and delves into the well rounded world of summarising with an even point of view.

I’m sorry my first post is less than waffle but I stand in a position of still reading my first review book, “The great Gatsby’ A personal favourite and illustrious Classic.